Coach Gomes


The most talented and articulate coach on the staff is the amazing Californian.  Coach Gary Gomes is the most amazing mind of any Fresno State fan in this state.  Although he has trouble keeping the other coaches on task, he finds a way.  Coach Gomes comes from a Portuguese father and an Italian mother.  He was raised in the beautiful Monteray Bay area of California.  He played for the mighty Vikings of North Salinas High School.  He joined the Navy in 1987 and protected his country by chipping, painting and sleeping on the big blue.  He then worked in contruction for 3 years until he decided it was time to bless his football fans (parents) by returning to California and playing college at Hartnell JC.  After making first team all-conference his sophmore year he transferred to the not so mighty Wildcats of Bethel College where his team won 2 games his final two years.  He made second team all-conference.  He then coached the offensive line at Bethel while earning his Master's degree.  He taught in Chapel Hill, Tennessee.  Then he went to Franklin, TN to teach......and then he took a year off to take care of his middle child.  Now he has arrived at the home of the mighty Lions, Dresden and he is looking for some WINS!  If you are frustrated with all the hair loss of the Dresden coaches, please see Coach Gomes and his full head of hair.  GO LIONS!!!!