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Promoting Preschoolers’ Vocabulary Development(A Guide for Teachers) Dr. Michel GreenEDCI 5344 

Why is developing Preschoolers’ vocabulary important?

·         Learning vocabulary plays an important role in children’s ability to learn to read (Hart & Risley, 1995; Snow, 1982, 1991) 

 ·         Research Based Practices for increasing Preschoolers’ vocabulary

Practice 1:  Identify approximately 25 vocabulary words central to comprehension of the books associated with the theme being taught (Rockwell, 1989/2005). 

Practice 2:  The 25 vocabulary words should be central to understanding of the learning concepts intended to be developed in the theme (Rockwell, 1989/2005). 

Practice 3:  Use vocabulary words that represent both contextualized and decontextualized language (Snow, 1991).

Practice 4:  Relate the vocabulary words to the children’s experiences.

Practice 5:  Provide multiple opportunities for the children to use theme related vocabulary in a meaningful context (Wasik & Bond, 2001).