Notes Chapter 2

Chapter 2-1 Defensive Driving Skills  

Defensive Driving-a method of driving that emphasizes anticipating and avoiding danger on the roadway. 

Important Skills needed:

1.    Knowledge a.    Operating devices and controls b.    Traffic laws, signs and signals 

2.    Preparation a.    Physically and mentally ready 

3.    Awareness a.    allows you to stop potentially dangerous situations early b.    detect indications of trouble before it happens 

4.    Anticipation a.    expect the unexpected 

5.    Good judgment a.    Choosing the safest and most effective option available.

b.    Avoid potential hazards

1.    the type of road your on 2.    the weather 3.    visibility 4.    vehicle condition 5.    traffic conditions      6.    other roadway users 

Keep in Mind:

Needs Constant practice,  Actively prepare for potential hazards,  Requires many actions to operate a motor vehicle

Chapter 2-2 Managing Time, Space and Visibility 

Following Distance-the distance between your vehicle and the vehicle directly ahead of you, you can significantly reduce the chance of becoming involved in a collision. 

3 Second rule-check your following distance, pick a fixed object ahead, such as a tree, sign, or telephone pole. Count the number of seconds that pass between the time that the car ahead of you passes this object and the time that you pass it. 

Recommendation: Increase the rule if you are a new driver or driving in poor conditions 

Space Cushion- when you keep an empty space between you and other cars. 

Tailgating: when you are driving way to close to the car ahead of you. 

Hand Signals are hand signals

Up with left arm= right turn

Left arm straight out=left turn

Down with left arm=STOP