Notes Chapter 3

3-1 The Physical Condition of the Driver 

1.   Vision

a.    Visual Acuity-ability to see near and far

b.   Field of Vision-area directly in front of you

c.    Depth Perception-ability to judge distance between objects

d.   Color Vision-ability to see color 

2.   Age

3.   Coordination

4.   Hearing

5.   Size and height

6.   Chronic Illness and Disability

7.   Fatigue and lack of sleep

8.   Illness

9.   Injury

10.                     Carbon Monoxide  


3-2 The Mental Condition of the Driver 

1. Anger

a.   Dealing with Anger

b.  Road rage and aggressive driving

2. Stress

3.  Anxiety, Excitement and depression

4. Distractions

a.   Car Stereos and electrical devices

b.  Cellular phones/ipods

c.   Passengers and kids

d.  Smoking

e.  Pets

f.    Rubbernecking-slow down to see crash-site

g.  Other distractions

-unfamiliar areas

-getting attention of another driver