Spelling Homework

Monday- write all words 3 times each and dictation sentences 2 times each

Tuesday- all words abc order

Wednesday- Write a story using 6 or more spelling words.  List all words you didn't use in your story

Thursday- Have a parent or guardian give you a spelling test and return it graded and signed tomorrow.

October 4-8, 2010

Spelling Unit 6

1. paint 2. leave 3. neighbor 4. speak 5. paid 6. weight 7clay
8. feel 9. eight 10. seem 11. lay 12. need 13. border
14. scraps 15. threaded 16. gathering 17. needles 18. sewn
Dictation sentences
1. Did you feel the clay?
2. I will help my neighbor paint his house at eight today.
3. Will you speak to her before you leave?
4. Using the threaded needles, the scraps were sewn on the border of the quilt.