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We are reading  The Keeping Quilt by Patricia Polacio


The Keeping Quilt

(Grade 3 Theme 2 Selection 1 Summary)

Long ago, Anna left Russia with her family. They came to America to

live in New York City. But they missed their old home. Then Anna’s

mother had an idea. She would make a quilt! She cut shapes from an old

dress, an uncle’s shirt, and an aunt’s apron. She cut Anna’s shawl to make

a border. Then she sewed the scraps together into a quilt. It helped her

family remember the loved ones still in Russia.

When Anna grew up, Anna’s mother gave her the quilt. Years later,

Anna gave the quilt to Carle, her daughter. And in time, Carle passed the

quilt on to her daughter Mary Ellen. Now the quilt belongs to Mary

Ellen’s daughter, the author of this story.

Over the years, the quilt became special. It welcomed new babies and

kept old legs warm. Daughters were married under it. it was used as a

tablecloth at birthdays and Sabbath meals. The quilt became an important

part of many family gatherings.

The author calls the quilt the Keeping Quilt. It tells the family’s special

story. The author hopes to be as lucky as her mother. She hopes to tell the

quilt’s story to her grandchildren one day too.