Homework Schedule

Homework for the year will queue up on this page!  Please consult this area when you are absent for your make-up work each day. You will have one day to make up work due for each day you're absent! Exceptions to this are revolving homework assignments that are due the same time each week. You should be prepared for these upon your return to class, regardless of when or how long you're absent!

As per Venice Elementary School's homework policy, 5th grade students should expect and plan for one hour of homework each weeknight.  As per Sarasota County's homework policies, homework will count for 20% of students' grades in reading, math, and language arts.

Dr. Valencic's Homeroom

Due by the LAST DAY of each school week ... a VIP!

VIP usually stands for Very Important Person ... but you can be creative and make your P anything you can twist it into!  A VIP may be a Very Important Person ... but it could also be a Very Important Place, a Very Important Plaything, or even a Very Important Pickle ... the sky's the limit!

A VIP is a one-page writing assignment where you can describe, create, or critique any "P" of your choice. It may be a fiction or nonfiction work. Your VIP should also include a supporting illustration, photo, or graphic.

Your VIP should be one notebook page paper in length ... this is generally 25 lines of writing, separated appropriately into paragraphs. Students should demonstrate appropriate grammar, vocabulary, and spelling. Students will complete a sample VIP during the first week of class.

We will be using VIPs in class to build a writing portfolio and improve skills. They are worth a language arts (writing) homework point each week and are simply simply graded as completed or not.  These will be compiled and sent home at the end of the year.

VIPs should be turned in to the appropriate homework bin by Friday of each school week. There will be no VIP due on 8/27, 10/29, 11/26, 12/24, 12/31, 3/11, 4/1, and 4/22 since there is no school on those Fridays. The final VIP assignment will be due on Friday, April 29th.


Students will have a nightly homework assignment each Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Assignments will coincide with concepts taught or reviewed during math class that day and will serve as not only practice of these skills, but as a way to communicate with families about math lessons presented. It is anticipated that math homework will comprise 20-30 minutes of homework time nightly.

Homework will be reviewed in class and sent home with students each day. It will be graded in class the day it is due. Homework will be graded for its accurate completion.


Reading students will have one formal book report due each quarter, due one week before the quarter's end ... the schedule will be posted on the class calendar.  Reading homework will consist of students' independent reading in preparation for this project, as well as for participation in the optional Reading Counts program. Book reports are worth 100 points towards the quarterly reading grade.

The book report will consist of a 8.5"x11" representation of the book's cover; a one-page fill-in-the-blank questionnaire about the book; and a 2-3 minute oral presentation about the book that will include a visual of each student's choice: this may be, for example, a diorama, poster, or PowerPoint presentation ... the sky's the limit! Directions will be sent home at the start of each quarter.

Reading students will also have a weekly spelling list, homework assignment, and test. 

Science and Social Studies

Science and social studies classes will be chock-full of projects, multimedia presentations, and research. These will be handled in class and should not entail any home time for students. Students may choose, however, to dedicate personal time to these pursuits if they wish.