Teacher-Parent Communication


This webpage will serve as a class and 5th grade "nuts and bolts" information resource and will be updated as time permits with the latest classroom studies and activities. Additionally, ALL homework assignments for the entire year, and the resources that accompany them, will be listed in weekly segments in the "homework" section.  Families are encouraged to check this page at least once per week ... students need to visit EVERY DAY!

Agenda Books

An agenda book is required of each 5th grader. This notebook will contain homework assignments and other pertinent information from Dr. Valencic and other teachers if scheduled. Students with organizational challenges may require a daily parent signature in the agenda book if this will assist communication and will be handled on an individual basis.

Homework Folders

Students should have a designated folder in their backpack. This will serve as "the place" to carry completed and graded homework -- as well as important daily information -- back and forth between home and school. Parents are encouraged to check this resource each evening.

 Friday Folders

Green Venice Elementary folders will be sent home each Friday. They will contain class work not sent home in the daily homework folder, and class, school, and community information as necessary. Students should return the Friday Folder to their designated mailbox (which will be received the first week of school) each Monday.

School Newsletter

Look for bimonthly or quarterly information about our class in Venice Elementary's newsletter, the Tom Tom Talk. This is generally published every two months.


Parents are encouraged to note their son's/daughter's grades on papers sent home in daily homework or Friday Folders. During the 5th week of each quarter, a formal midterm report will be sent home detailed your child's current academic grade for all subjects. Midterms should be signed and returned to school the following day after receipt.

Report Cards

Report cards are sent home quarterly, on a schedule set by the school district. This is generally 10-14 days after the end of the quarter with the exception of the 4th quarter, where students receive their report cards on the last day of school. Students will earn traditional academic grades for Reading, Mathematics, Language Arts (writing), Spelling, Science, and Social Studies. Students will receive effort grades for work habits, handwriting, P.E., music, and art. Students receiving all A's and satisfactory and above effort grades in all areas will be named to the school's A-Team. Students receiving all A's and B's and satisfactory and above effort grades in all areas will be named to the school's A/B Honor Roll. Up to five students each quarter may earn a Citizenship Award.

Quick Communiques

Email is the easiest way to contact Dr. Valencic quickly. She can be reached at shari_valencic@sarasota.k12.fl.us.  Email is generally checked before school begins, between 8:00 and 8:30 and then again on most days between 8:50 and 9:45.  A quick written note also works well, too!

Phone calls will be returned as time permits during the day. Please leave a message with the school receptionist at 486-2111 and every effort will be made to return your call as quickly as possible.

Parent-Teacher Conferences

...are available upon request and are generally held at 8:00 or 3:15 as schedules permit. Since the 5th grade teachers are teaming closely this year, your conference may include your child's other teacher(s) and/or V.E.S. support personnel as warranted. All formal conferences are documented on a form signed by all parties attending and sent to Mrs. Baus, the school principal, afterward.  Parents will receive a copy of the conference.