Welcome to 5th Grade!

 Cool Welcome to 5th Grade!  Cool

V.E.S. "Meet Your Teacher" Open House

Friday, August 16th -- 12-2 p.m.

Visit Dr. V. in room 218 as well as students' other teachers!


5th Grade Schedule, 2013-14 School Year (subject to change!)

8:20-8:45 Homeroom/Bellwork

8:50-9:45 Specials

10:00-11:30 English Language Arts (ELA) Block

11:30-1:00 Science/Social Studies Block

(Dr. Valencic's homeroom will generally have science on Mondays/Tuesdays and social studies on Wednesdays/Thursdays)

1:06-2:00  Lunch & Recess

2:00-3:10 Mathematics Block 

2:40-3:10 BDF Days SM Lab