Purpose: The connections math class is designed to be an intervention program for students who have consistently demonstrated difficulties with math skills. The intent of the program is to address these math deficiencies in order to ensure the academic success of the students. This is a computer based course designed to increase students' math aptitude at an accelerated rate, providing individualized instruction to the students via the math program IPASS. In addition to receiving individualized computer based instruction, students also receive remediation of grade level content. Once students master the necessary math skills, they may exit the connections math program.

Below is a list of the supplies necessary for class, the grading policy, and classroom expectations and consequences for inappropriate behavior. These procedures are designed to create a positive learning environment for all students.

Supplies: Folder, loose-leaf notebook paper, pencils, pencil sharpener, eraser

Grading Policy (Students' grades are based upon their performance in the IPASS program and maintenance of the IPASS notebook):

Daily Work-30%            Chapter Tests-35%               Unit Tests-25%                Notebook-10%

Classroom Expectations:

Students must:

1. Always wear their headphones.

2. Have paper and pencil to work problems.

3. Remain in their assigned seats.

4. Never play music or non-academic games at any time during the class.

5. Write out each practice problem unless the problem can be solved mentally.

Consequences for Inappropriate Behavior:

1. Verbal warning.

2. Phone call/email home.

3. Parent Notice.

4. Detention.           


Contact Info:

Phone: (770) 483-3255  x164                         Email: vdudley@rockdale.k12.ga.us