Support Services


Students who struggle with basic math skills as well as students who struggle with specific grade level concepts in math have the opportunity to receive additional support in math enrichment classes during 1st Period and during connections. Although all students are eligible to receive extra support in math, priority is given to students who have an identified weakness in math and who consistently perform below standards in math. In 1st Period math classes, teachers preteach the grade level content to the students as well as provide remediation on standards that they have difficulty mastering. In connections math, students receive computer based individualized instruction to aid them in improving their proficiency with basic skills so that they can be more successful with the grade level curriculum. In addition to the computer based instruction which is supplemented by teacher instruction, students also receive remediation of grade level concepts in connections math. Once students improve their proficiency in math, they may be released from support math.



All students at EMS are encouraged to take advantage of the afterschool tutorial services that will be provided. Transportation will be provided to a limited number of students from afterschool tutorial, and during afterschool tutorial, students can receive assistance in all four academic subject areas (Reading/ELA, Math, Science, and Social Studies). During afterschool tutorial,  students receive guided instruction on specific grade level concepts that are being taught in the regular classrooms. Students can receive instruction in their area(s) of weakness and can register for afterschool tutorial at any time during the school  year.  Students must complete and return the registration form prior to participating in afterschool tutorial.