How to Fix a Basement Leak

Rain and snow are no strangers to the continental climate of Markham in the winter. The presence of snow is great for your camera reel; however, your basement might suffer from its effect over time.

The key to fixing a leaky basement, Markham-located or elsewhere, is ensuring water drainage can be facilitated. While home DIY has expanded in recent years, the foundation of your home is so important that trusting a team of professionals is the best overall investment. Waterproofing materials and sturdy reinforcements such as rubberized urethane and a steel board were not always used in building construction, so the certified experts at DryShield Water Solutions offer market-leading basement waterproofing Markham services to their fellow Canadians.

The services DryShield offer are varied, so with their free no-obligation consultation and free online cost estimation tool, you can peruse the procedure your basement needs. It could be that your basement needs an external waterproofing solution, involving the installation of robust materials such as new tiles, drainage tools etc. This comprehensive procedure is a part of the reason DryShield water solutions are lauded as the most reliable waterproofing company in the business.

If your situation is less severe, an internal waterproofing solution will be recommended instead that is less intense and more cost-effective. DryShield’s The Truth Never Lies corporate policy is testament to their intention to help their fellow Canadians enjoy a home with a strong foundation; it is also why a transferable 25-year warranty is offered along with their services.

Insufficient drainage and water damage are the two nemesis of your basement, causing water to seep in through walls cracks or via the floor. Mold can even appear because of excess moisture, so DryShield’s technicians offer mold removal and cleaning of the area. Similarly, sewage clean-up services are offered to help to clear gutters so water can drain away from your basement and not towards it. If your basements walls have formed cracks, various basement injections are available to fix those hindrances and reinforce a stronger structure.

Sometimes a sump pump installation will be recommended for your basement as it helps to relieve hydrostatic pressure and encourage drainage of the water away from your house, often out to a dry well. A window well functions as a water drain but if it is proving ineffective, a repair or re-installation may be recommended when the experts inspect your basement.

In the event of a natural disaster such as a snowstorm arriving on your doorstep, their storm response service can be called upon to help you restore your surroundings. The installation of a storm door is even an option for those living in a particularly windy part of Markham.

For the past 25 years, the native Canadians have brought ground-breaking techniques to your front door that allow you to relax while your home enjoys structural improvements that stop leaks, so whether you have a small-scale issue or a large leaky basement, Markham-based technicians are available to help you.