How to Keep Your Foundation Healthy for The Upcoming Monsoons?

The rainy season is the time when one has to worry about leaky roofs, wet basements, and flooded yards. These situations can further lead to serious outcomes like foundation cracks and leaky basements. To avoid such scenarios, here are some tips to take care of before the rainy season.

Keep the Gutters Working

This is the simplest yet most effective way to avoid foundation cracks or leaky basements. In fact, foundation crack repair Oshawa service providers also consider this as one of the most useful ways to avoid future problems.

How will the gutters protect your property?

- An uncluttered gutter and downspout will deposit the water collected from the roofs at a safe distance from the foundation helping to avoid calling basement waterproofing Oshawa services for help later on.

- Moisture won’t get absorbed in the small cracks on the walls as the water flows smoothly through the gutters.

- The ground area around your home if collects too much moisture can weaken the home foundation. Gutters help in avoiding this situation.

- The gutters help in avoiding the risk of water pools in and around the property. This will stop molds and pests from infesting.

Install Ground Drainage System and French Drains

Ground drainage systems and French drains help in keeping the water away from your foundation, thus avoiding any leakage.

How will the drainage system help in protecting?

- It avoids keeping your ground floor, crawl space, and basement damped. This way it prevents moisture from staying in the ground or basement levels.

- A French drain can divert the water before reaching the patio space.

- It also helps in preventing the accumulation of water around the house. Thus, avoiding the problem of ground leakages and mosquito breeding.

If you still come across the problems that need basement waterproofing Oshawa services or foundation crack repair Oshawa professional help, then you can call us immediately and we will be there to help in keeping your property safe and healthy for the upcoming monsoons.