How to Repair a Basement Leak

One of the areas the cold climate of Canada can affect the most is the basement. Leaky basements, Oshawa residents have discovered, are undesirable at best and disruptive at worst. Whether the leak is big or small, it needs to be dealt with effectively to prevent it from worsening.

While you can attempt to fix a leaky basement with some home DIY, you may be inputting the wrong solution that will dent your wallet in the long term. Ideally, we want our homes to be completely reinforced by experts who have honed their craft to bring their expertise to our front door. Plus, common issues for industry people are comparably large when impacting your daily life, as our home is space in which we relax.

Which procedure does my basement need?

Established over 25 years ago, DryShield Water Solutions are the largest waterproofing company in Canada. Since the company is comprised of native Canadians, their team of technicians are familiar with the leaky basement issues Oshawa residents are likely to face. To confirm your solution, an inspection is carried out and a comprehensive cost estimation is provided to you once you call upon their expertise.

The waterproofing gurus offer an array of services, ranging from the large-scale basement waterproofing procedures (both interior and exterior) to sewage clean-up and mold removal. If your building was built without waterproofing measures and robust materials in place, basement waterproofing Oshawa may be recommended to strengthen the structure of the foundation.

Recurring water damage equals basement leaks. To direct water to drain away from your basement, sump pump and window well installation its offered as a service, as well as mold removal, basement crack injections and more. Several industry magazines list DryShield as the most reliable technicians in the waterproofing world, so if you have a leaky basement, Oshawa residents, hire trusted professionals to reinforce your basement so you never have to deal with leaks again.

Consultations are not only free but also carry no obligation because DryShield operate under a ‘The Truth Never Lies’ policy that puts their fellow Canadians first by offering excellent service, plus a 25-year transferable warranty.

Stormy weather and your basement

The acceleration of climate change has increased the likelihood of disruptive weather, such as snowstorms, heavy rain and even tornados, all of which can shake the foundation of our homes. Professionals are best placed to help people with restoration after a natural disaster or persistent bad weather, as they know how to most efficiently clean up and restore your home, ready for all kinds of weather in the future.

Dedicated technicians with over 25 years’ experience, DryShield perform a storm response service to Oshawa residents affected by adverse weather that entails restoring your surroundings and possibly even installing a storm door to protect your home from repeat experiences.

Should I hire a professional?

It may seem obvious by now but for your safety, budget and in the interest of preserving your home, choose DryShield.