How To Waterproof Your Basement

The beauty of older architecture lies in how aesthetically pleasing it is. Unfortunately, the same quirks that appeal to the eye could be masking deeper structural issues, such as a leaky basement, Hamilton residents sometimes discover.

Why is my basement leaking?

Several factors contribute towards a basement leak, from water damage caused by weather to an unstable foundation letting hydrostatic pressure mount against the walls of your basement.

Whatever the reason, it is not your fault, and with DryShield Water Solutions’ 25+ years of expertise, it is not your responsibility to fix either. Once you book your free consultation with them, the Canadian team of technicians will assess your property and provide you with a thorough estimation of costs so you can benefit from a budget-friendly waterproof basement. If you have a leaky basement, Hamilton-based technicians from the lauded company will offer a no-obligation consultation in the first instance, before explaining their procedures as part of their ‘The Truth Never Lies’ corporate policy.

Perhaps your property was built without robust waterproofing and therefore the foundation disrupted the soil to enable water to seep into your basement via the floor or walls. Fortunately, a basement waterproofing Hamilton solution will remedy this as DryShield’s experts can assess accordingly. Essentially carrying out a partial reconstruction, the ground will be excavated to make way for the installation of robust materials and a waterproofing solution that protects any further leaks from creeping into your home.

Professional help or DIY?

Basement crack injections in your basement walls are also offered by DryShield’s reputable repair service, plus a range of other solutions that are best handled by professionals.

If the leak exists on a small scale, a sump pump installation could be enough to direct the water away from your basement to relieve hydrostatic pressure. Clogged drains can also exacerbate water damage, so sewage cleanup is best left to a professional as you have trained experts facilitating water drainage safely.

Another cause of leaks originates from the window well failing to drain water away from the basement effectively, so either a waterproofing procedure or complete replacement will ensure no more surprise pools of water appear.

Snowstorm repair for your basement

The acceleration of climate change has increased the likelihood of disruptive weather, such as snowstorms, heavy rain and even tornados, all of which can shake the foundation of our homes. Professionals are best placed to help people with restoration after a natural disaster or snowstorm, as they have the expertise needed to plan how to most efficiently clean up and repair your basement. DryShield’s storm response team can even install a storm door to protect your home from future storms.

When to fix a basement leak

Trust technicians to fix your basement as soon as you spot a leak so they can save you from wasting time and expenses. DryShield technicians are fully insured and certified to operate as the most reliable waterproofing company in Canada and it pays to seek professional expertise.