Tips for Parents

Tips for Kindergarten Parents
Your child will need the following supplies on the first day of school:

·         Backpack (large enough to hold 9 x 12 paper)

·         Eight "Crayola" crayons (just the 8 basic colors

·         Extra change of clothing (including underwear and socks)

·         Headphones for Listening Center

 ·         Rest Mat (no blankets, please)    

One of the goals we wish to achieve in kindergarten is to help your child become more independent.  Therefore, it would be helpful if you would walk your child to class on the first day only.  On the second day, stop mid-way.  On the next day (if possible), let him/her walk in alone.

Parents often ask,”How can I help my child succeed in school?"  The key is establishing regular strategies and routines that lay a foundation for success. During the year, I will be giving you tips that will enable you to help your child to be successful in school this year.

Tip #1

Read to your child.  Research shows that reading aloud on a regular basis is the most effective to help your child succeed.

Tip #2

Talk with your child.  Conversation requires thinking as well as speaking.  People who practice conversation learn to voice ideas in their own words.  Try some conversation starters with your child to get him/her to start thinking.

Tip #3 

Begin a routine before school starts.  Establish a good sleeping pattern--ten to twelve hours is recommended for this age.  Have your child perform certain tasks at home at certain times each day to help him/her adjust to a schedule