This week's Assignments

Spelling Words for Encyclopedia Brown and the Case of the Slippery Salamander                  unopened           uncertain              disrespect             incomplete           unimportant                   unlikely              unlisted                 unfair                   disrepair               discontinue           inability unaware             disapprove           disorder                unsolved              discount               disobey                 indirect              unsuspecting        disintegrate            unappetizing         disillusioned         distrust         intolerant           unconscious 

Spelling Homework-

Monday- Study words and become familiar with them.


Tuesday- Write a sentence for each Spelling word, using the word correctly.

Green Group- Write words three times each (Green Group does not write a story)

 Wednesday- Study for the test on Thursday! If you have internet access at home, go to and play the spelling games to practice. 

Thursday- Blue, White, Yellow Groups- Write a short story using at least 15 of the Spelling words correctly in the story. Be sure to underline the words.

Green Group- Write words three times each (Green Group does not write a story)

 Vocabulary words and definitions

1.    amphibians-

2.    crime-

3.    exhibit-

4.    lizards-

5.    reference-

6.    reptiles-

7.    salamanders-

8.    stumped-  

Vocabulary Homework

Monday- Define words using a dictionary

Tuesday- Use words in a sentence.

Wednesday- Study words and definitions to prepare for the test.

Thursday- Write a story using the words correctly.