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 STUDENT GRADE (last quiz only)
 Michael Irwin C+
 Levi Leipheimer C
 Miguel Indurain A+
 Tammy Genious B-
 Albert Einstein F
 David Suarez A


This is the website for HighSchool Honors Geometry, Please check Daily for Assignments, Grades and Surprices.

We will have a Quiz on Chapter 10.1 - 10.6. on Thrusday April 22nd. The quiz will cover Circles, Angles, Arcs, Chords, Secants and Tangents. Please review the Study sheets handed out in class when preparing for the test.

EXTRA CREDIT - Please come out this Saturday at 8am to the St. Augustine Beach pier for a One hour (5 points) clean up session and for free refreshements and snacks. Please come all and bring your friends. Stay all morning for a Free surf lesson by yours trully.

 Please check back for class news and info.Cool

Please email me with other websites and I will check them out and post them at my own discretion.


Good day and stay active!!!!