Classroom Management Plan

The key to my classroom management plan is engaging the students. Engagement limits opportunities for students to act out and misbehave. My classroom operates with implementation of Love and Logic and Positive Classroom Behavior. I do not believe in "do as I say, not as I do.” I believe in modeling the behavior I expect my students to learn from. Using Love and Logic, I will model positive and loving words with my students and not yelling and threatening words and tones.

I will start the school year out with a back to school survey that you can help them fill out and return to me. It can be found here and brought with the student or I will send a copy home the first day of school. This survey will help me get to know your student; how they learn best, what they like, and other fun things that will kick start a beautiful teacher-student relationship that is beneficial for all of us involved. 

My classroom has FLEX seating, that means for the majority of our class work your child will have the choice of where they would like to do their work around the room. A desk, a table to stand at, on the floor using a clipboard in a comfortable position, etc. I have many great choices for my students to choose from. Their seating will be their choice, until they abuse the privilege (see Rules and Consequences) and at that point, I will choose for them.

I will try to keep the students on their toes in using “cold calling” when I ask questions in large or small group activities. I will not require raised hands as I will use the game of chance to call on students randomly. I have popsicle sticks with the students names that I will use to call on students for “cold calling”. This strategy's purpose is to engage the students from the onset of the lesson with the knowledge that any of them could be called on, so they will need to pay attention.

My classroom management strategies are not one-size-fits-all strategies. I will alter, change, and adapt to meet your child's needs without singling them out. Treating my students all with love and compassion is part of how I believe students flourish and grow.