Rewards System


Rewards are meant to highlight and encourage the students. I believe that fifth grade students have a good grasp on classroom expectations and I want to see the children exceed on a regular basis. This practice will be something they will take forward with them and grow into being exceptional citizens of the world, not just a classroom.

I use a reward system called "Exceptional Citizen Awards". These rewards will be given to the students who go above and beyond the normal classroom expectations (helped a friend in need, assisted with a question, was a good friend, etc.). This reward will be a certificate and spotlight in the classroom newsletter as well as a reward of their choice (from * marked rewards below) when their classmates or teachers have nominated them three different times. The nominations will be done on a form that asks specifically who is the student is, what they did that was above and beyond the expectations of the classroom, when it was done, the location it occurred, and who is nominating the student. The intention of this reward system is to motivate the students to step up and meet and exceed the base expectations.

  • Specific praise
  • Random extrinsic prizes (pencils, snack, stickers, etc.) from the "box"*
  • Positive note home to parents
  • Classroom assigned job or helper*
  • Choose something for the class (music, organized game, a book, etc.)*
  • Read a book aloud to class*
  • Extra computer time*
  • Assist the teacher for a time
  • Eat with the teacher
  • Homework pass
  • Half a homework pass*
  • Student or work spotlight in the class