Rules and Consequences

Classroom Rules

What is life without rules? Our classroom rules are few but they run deep. Rules are intended to protect teachers and students while promoting positive interactions throughout the day. 

1. Show respect in all things.

2. Be responsible when resolving issues.

3. Control oneself.

These rules cover the simpler rules of keeping our hands and feet to ourselves and picking up after ourselves. The rules, consequences, and rewards help to foster a community that understands cause and effect that leads to successful learning and interactions.


"In teaching others we teach ourselves"  - Proverb


I believe in teaching our students right from wrong and not everything that is wrong deserves a serious consequence. Sometimes just a look is enough to remind them to check themselves and correct if necessary. I use a multi-tier consequences and a chart in the classroom. The chart will show the students where they stand within the tiers of consequence. The students will be in charge of moving their name around on the chart as needed; this helps them grasp the fact that they are responsible for their actions.The consequences are not meant to "break" the student but to guide them to help them make better choices. The consequences are not meant to “break” the student but to guide them to make better choices for themselves on their own.

Tier 1 – Easy Does It (Gentle) 

  • Teacher look or hand signals
  • Nearness – move near the student
  • Pointing to work that should be worked on
  • Complimenting nearby students behaving
  • Private or public warning to student of consequences pending if there is no improvement
  • Reiterate class rules aloud

Tier 2 – Putting It Mildly (Mild)

  • Student required to take a break from the activity
  • Temporary seating change
  • Issue warning of parental phone call
  • Behavioral chart note
  • Private student-teacher meeting scheduled

Tier 3 – Getting Hot in Here (Moderate)

  • Seat change – permanent
  • Loss of recess / lunch / possible detention
  • Practicing of expected behavior
  • Loss of a privilege for a time
  • Take work to another location
  • Possible call home

Tier 4 – Last Call (Extreme)

  • Counseling referral and/or office
  • Suspension
  • Parental meeting
  • Behavior contract
  • Loss of privilege activity
  • Appropriate behavior writing
  • Call home