Checking for Homework:

Homework is given regularly and students can check on a homework assignment via the traditional homework hotline by calling 843-0166  (ext 1430) after 4:30 p.m. daily or by checking this page daily for the activity we did in class and any homework we have

Weekly Activities November 30-December 4, 2009

11-30 &12-01-09:  ROAD TO REVOLUTION:  Students will be creating "potholes" on our road to revolution. They will each get an act or event in the road to revolution and then create a poster which will represent a pothole on the road to revolution. They must draw a picture, include facts of what the act or event did, and then make it look like a pothole. 

12-02-09:  COLONIAL UNREST O METER:  We will first finish our presentations (if there are any left) and then move on to deciding how upset each event made the colonists We will have an unrest o meter where students will be asked how made they would be when that event occurred. We will then take a class vote on which act or event in our road to revolution was the worst.

12-03-09:  MAJOR PLAYERS IN THE REVOLUTION:  Students will be taking notes over the major players, political bodies, and action groups that will be involved in the American Revolution

12-04-09:  NOUNS:  Students will be NOUNS today. They will be assigned a person, place or thing placard which they will wear on their back. They will then have to walk around to the other students to find out who or what they are by asking only yes or no questions.  After finding out what noun they are, they will find their twin and have to research why their noun is important. 



Homework for 11-30-09: No homework   Cool