1st Nine Weeks Overview

1st 9 Weeks Overview

Autauga County has aligned content standards from the Alabama State Courses of Study to develop a curriculum plan for all teachers to follow.

*Addition Strategies
*Subtraction Strategies
*Understanding Addition and Subtraction
*Working With Equal Groups
*Place Value to 100

*"The Twin Club" - Character and Setting
*"Exploring Space" - Main Idea and Details
*"Henry and Mudge" -Character and Setting
*"A Walk in the Desert" - Main Idea and Details
*"The Strongest One" - Realism and Fantasy
*"Tara and Tiree, Fearless Friends" - Cause and Effect
*"Abraham Lincoln" - Author's Purpose

*Statements and Questions
*Commands and Exclamations
*Proper Nouns
*Singular and Plural Nouns

Spelling/Word Study
*Words from 1st Nine Weeks List

*Germ Unit
*Kinds of Matter

Social Studies
*All About Me
*Unit 1: People and Places