2nd Nine Weeks Overview

2nd Nine Weeks Overview

Autauga County has aligned content standards from the Alabama State Courses of Study to develop a curriculum plan for all teachers to follow.

*Place Value to 100
*Mental Addition
*Mental Subtraction
*Adding 2-Digit Numbers
*Subtracting 2-Digit Numbers

*"Scarcity" - Fact and Details, Background Knowledge
*"Bremen Town Musicians" - Cause and Effect, Story Structure
*"One Good Turn Deserves Another" -  Compare and Contrast, Inferring
*"Pearl and Wagner: Two Good Friends" - Author's Purpose, Questioning
*"Dear Juno" - Draw Conclusions, Visualize
*"Anansi Goes Fishing" - Compare and Contrast, Summarize
*"Rosa and Blanca" - Sequence, Predict and Set Purpose


Spelling/ Word Study
* Words from 2nd Nine Weeks List

*Earth's Land, Air, and Water

Social Studies
* Unit 2: Places Near and Far
* Unit 5: America's Past/ Thanksgiving