4th Nine Weeks Overview

4th Nine Weeks Overview

*Measuring Length
*Time, Graph, and Data
*Third Grade Math Preparation

Bad Dog, Dodger!" - Plot and Theme, Background Knowledge
*"Horace and Morris but Mostly Delores" - Character and Setting, Story Structure
*"Signmaker's Assistant" - Main Idea and Details, Inferring
*"Just Like Josh Gibson" -Compare and Contrast, Monitor and Clarify
*"Red, White, and Blue: The Story of the American Flag" -  Author's Purpose, Summarize
*"Cowboys" - Sequence, Text Structure
*"Grace for President" - Facts and Details, Predict, Set Purpose

*Capital Letters
*Quotation Marks
*Using Commas
*Commas in Compound Sentences
*The Paragraph

Spelling/Word Study
*Words from the 4th Nine Weeks List

* All About Animals
* All About Plants


Social Studies
*Unit 3: Ways of Living
*Map Skills