Mrs. Duerst's Spanish Page

Tuesday 1-4-11

Chapter 2 leccion 1

Add vocabulary to your  notes

Practice vocabulary with the class 

Homework:  you will need to study new vocabulary on your own if you were absent


Wednesday 1-5-11

Chapter 2 leccion 1

Read and translate vocabulary pages at beginning of chapter in the textbook 

Work through Vocabulary "did you get it" together - this handout is to be kept in your notes

Homework: Vocabulary A and B due 1-6-11 (32 points) and signatures on policy change sheet due 1-7-11 (10 points)


Thursday 1-6-11

Chapter 2 leccion 1

Turn in Vocabulary A and B and go through answers

Vocabulary Quiz (30 points)

Read and translate telehistoria 1 in textbook

Homework: Vocabulary C due 1-7-11 (26 points)  and make up quiz if you were absent - due two days after you return to class


Friday 1-7-11

Chapter 2 leccion 1

Turn in Vocabulary C and go through answers / turn in policy change sheet

Go through quiz answers

Notes on Tener and do "did you get it" together (this page goes in your notes)

Homework: "did you get it" tener parts 2 & 3 due 1-10-11


Monday 1-10-11

No School!

Snow Day


Tuesday 1-11-11

No School!

Snow Day


Wednesday 1-12-11

10:oo am start

Chapter 2 leccion 1

Notes on -AR verb conjugations


Thursday 1-13-11

Turn in Grammar A & B and go through answers

More notes on AR verbs

Read and translate telehistoria 2 in textbook

Homework: Tener Grammar A & B due 1-14-11 and quiz on Tener 1-14-11


Friday 1-14-11

Did you get it AR verbs side one 

Tener Grammar C & Leer A

Quiz on Tener

Homework: -AR verb Grammar C due 1-17


Monday 1-17-11 (2:00 dismissal)

Turn in Grammar C and go through answers

Homework: Do Tener worksheet due 1-18


Tuesday 1-18-11

Turn in tener worksheet

Re-take quiz on tener 

Homework: Color coded flashcards due 1-20


Wednesday 1-19-11 (gone for ELL workshop -  postponed until Feb. 3rd)

Work on Grammar A B

Finish flashcards if they weren't completed already!

Homework: Grammar A B  due 1-20 and flashcards


Thursday 1-20-11

Check flashcards - seminar to complete these if they are not finished!

Go through Grammar A B  together and turn in 

Video Activities

Homework: if gone make up Video Activities


Friday 1-21-11

Escuchar ABC - make it up if you were gone!


Monday 1-24-11

Color coded sheets - subject pronouns and verbs

Homework:  Test Review Sheet due 1-25 


Tuesday 1-25-11

Go through answers for review sheet 

 Worktime: GradeBooster - 150 conjugations of tener & AR verbs - worth 1.5 tests!!! (make this up if you were gone)

Homework: Study for test


Wednesday 1-26-11

Test 2.1 


 Thursday 1-27-11 

Finish Tests

Verb Books

Subject Pronoun color coded notes page

Homework: fill in verb books and make subject pronoun page


Friday 1-28-11

Finish color coded notes pages (tener, ser, AR verb endings)

Add verbs to the verb book

Review tests

Homework: finish your three color coded pages


Monday 1-31-11

New vocabulary

Add to verb books

Make flashcards for 2.2

Read through vocabulary pages in textbook


Tuesday 2-1-11

No School!

Snow day


Wednesday 2-2-11

No School!

Snow day


Thursday 2-3-11

Extra Credit will be due by next Tuesday 2-8-11

   One minute speech in Spanish to be presented after school anytime between today and Tuesday!

Add to verb books

Flashcard quiz on vocabulary

Verbs color coded sheets for estar and ir

Homework: Color coded sheets due Friday


Friday 2-4-11

Read telehistoria 1, 2, 3 

Finish putting together color coded pages

Homework: Vocabulary A, B, C


Monday 2-7-11 

Check vocabulary ABC

Add to verb books

Read Telehistoria 1 and translate

Homework: Did you get it vocabulary


Tuesday 2-8-11

Verb books

Did you get it estar together

Vocabulary Quiz on Wednesday

Homework: Estar grammar A & B


Wednesday 2-9-11

Vocabulary quiz 

Computer lab – chapter 2.1 vocabulary and grammar 1 online activities


Thursday 2-10-11

6th and 7th to room 202 - complete Vocabulary and Grammar 1 online activities

8th - word find due Tuesday

Homework: all 3 online levels and activities due Monday - check PowerSchool to see what you are missing!

***don't forget to save to word or e-mail results in case they are not received!


Friday 2-11-11

Turn in Estar grammar A and B

Estar quiz on Monday

6th period - word find due Tuesday

7th & 8th periods - room 202

 Homework: 3 online levels and activities due Monday - check PowerSchool to see what you are missing!

***don't forget to save to word or e-mail results in case they are not received!


Monday 2-14-11

 Estar Quiz

Make Valentine's Cards in Spanish and draw names to exchange


Tuesday 2-15-11

Add to verb books 

IR did you get it together - goes in your notes

Homework: Grammar C Estar & Grammar A IR due Wednesday


Wednesday 2-16-11

Go through Grammar C Estar & Grammar A IR

Leer A & B & C read and translate together

Homework: Grammar B & C IR due Thursday


Thursday 2-17-11

Quiz on IR 

Escuchar A B C 


Friday 2-18-11

Test on 2.2


Monday 2-21-11

Finish Test on 2.2

3.1 Vocabulary practice

Work on 2.2 online activities (20 min)

Homework:  Make flashcards for 3.1 vocabulary


Tuesday 2-22-11

Flashcard quiz

Read and translate vocabulary pages in text

Work on 2.2 online activities (20 min)


Wednesday 2-23-11

Work on 2.2 online activities (20 min)

Homework: 15 questions - answer in complete sentences


Thursday 2-24 -11

Work on 2.2 online activities (20 min) DUE MONDAY 2-28

Homework: Vocabulary A & B 3.1 & Vocabulary Quiz Friday


Friday 2-25 -11

Vocabulary Quiz 3.1 on Monday

Go through and turn in Vocabulary A and B

Homework: Online activities DUE MONDAY


Monday 2-28-11

Turn in handout for online activities

Add to Verb Books 

Vocabulary Quiz

Homework: Vocabulary C & Culture A


Tuesday 3-1-11

Verb Books

Did you get it ER verbs

Homework: ER/IR verb pages


Wednesday 3-2-11

Verb Books

Color Coded Pages for -er and -ir verbs

Homework: Grammar A and B


Thursday 3-3-11

Verb Books

Go through grammar A and B

Homework: Leer A B C & Culture B (with partners)


Friday 3-4-11

Quiz on -er & -ir verbs

Loteria with verbs


Monday 3-7-11

Video Activities 3.1


Tuesday 3-8-11

Quiz on Gustar

Escuchar Activities

Test Review


Wednesday 3-9-11

Test on 3.1


Thursday 3-10-11

No School


Friday 3-11-11

No School

Monday 3-14-11

Computer lab - online vocabulary chapter 3.1


Tuesday 3-15-11

Computer lab - online grammar 1 chapter 3.1

Escribir Test


Wednesday 3-16-11

Vocabulary notes chapter 3.2

Practice vocabulary

Make flashcards

Tarea: Online Grammar 2 Chapter 3.1 due Thursday!


Thursday 3-17-11

Flashcard quiz



Friday 3-18-11

Did you get it vocabulary

Telehistoria - read and translate together

Tarea: Vocabulary A & B


Monday 3-21-11

Work time page 188 activity 2: due Tuesday! 


Tuesday 3-22-11


Go through Vocabulary A & B

Quiz on Vocabulary tomorrow!

Tarea: Vocabulary C & Culture A


Wednesday 3-23-11


Go through Vocabulary C & Culture A

Vocabulary Quiz unit 3 leccion 2

Around the world 



Thursday 3-24-11

Telehistoria read and translate

Tarea: Numbers worksheet


Friday 3-25-11

Notes on possessive adjectives

Tarea: page 170 activity 5 & 6


Monday 3-28-11 

Turn in homework 

Intro: tener / numbers 

Did you get it - possessive adjectives - put in notes

Tarea: Possessives Grammar A B


Tuesday 3-29-11

Quiz on possessives

Notes on comparisons - did you get it sheet together

Tarea: Possessives Grammar C & Comparisons Grammar A


Wednesday 3-30-11

Check homework

Review possessive adjectives

Review birthdays and ages

Tarea: Practice games worksheet


Thursday 3-31-11

Quiz on 3.2 possessive adjectives



Friday 4-1-11

Turn in practice games worksheet from Wednesday

Crossword with sentences


Monday 4-4-11

Go through crossword sentences together

Test Review


Tuesday 4-5-11

Check test review together

Test chapter 3.2


Wednesday 4-6-11

Finish Test 3.2

8th - assembly finish test on Thursday


Thursday 4-7-11

Finish tests in study hall if incomplete! 6th & 7th

Intro: practice games page 41 

Video Activities - unidad 3 leccion 2


Friday 4-8-11 (substitute for junior high track meet)

Return Tests 

Vocabulary 4.1 - make flashcards

Vocabulary Did you get it - do together

Tarea: Vocabulary ABC 


Monday 4-11-11 

Check Vocabulary ABC 

Read pages 194 & 195 and translate together

Notes on grammar 1 



Monday 4-18-11

Stem-changing verb notes/crossword

Work time on presentation - due Wednesday


Tuesday 4-19-11

 Verb book quiz

Work time on presentation - present skits on Wednesday


Wednesday 4-20-11

Present Skits 

Thursday 4-21-11

Practice stem-changing verbs

Tarea: Color-coded flashcards due Tuesday


Tuesday 4-26-11

 Loteria with stem-changing verbs

Tarea: Did you get it Stem-Changing verbs


Wednesday 4-27-11

Quiz on stem-changing verbs

Notes on direct object pronouns


Thursday 4-28-11

Direct object pronoun practice

Leer ABC


Friday 4-29-11

3.2 Online Activities


Monday 5-2-11

3.2 Online Activities


Tuesday 5-3-11

3.2 Online Activities


Wednesday 5-4-11

4.1 Online Activities


Thursday 5-5-11

Test 4.1


Friday 5-6-11

color coded cards for additional stem-changers 

4.1 Online Activities


Monday 5-9-11

 4.1 Online Activities


Tuesday 5-10-11 through  Tuesday 5-17-11

Work time for PACKETS due 5-17

4.2 Online Activities


Wednesday 5-18-11

FINAL EXAM - use verb books on this test - make sure your books are updated!


Thursday 5-19-11

Check in textbooks!


If online activities are not complete students will etiher need to stay on Thursday afternoon to work and finish these or come back on Friday to complete these activities!!!

They may also complete the work at home by 4:00 Friday and e-mail me an attachment of their completed work!