Regular Math Homework

Homework for Periods 2, 3, 5 & 7

4th Quarter



 Monday April 12th

 Textbook page 430 23 - 26

 Tuesday April 13th

 Textbook page 41 13 - 23 odd

 Wednesday April 14th

Solving Equations Notes and Practice (complete up to the solid line - 1 -6 at the bottom is extra credit)

 Monday April 19th

Textbook page 225 1 - 6  (if you see a page with dogs on it you have the wrong textbook)

 Tuesday April 20th

Textbook page 454 12 - 19 

 Wednesday April 21st

Functions 10 - 3 Practice WS 

 Monday April 26th

Scientific Notation WS (finish from class) 


 No other homework this week!  ELA State Test - Math State Test Next Week!

 Friday April 30th
Get letter signed - Complete practice test DUE MONDAY!!!

 Monday May 3rd

 Double Bar Graph

 Monday May 10th

Integers in the Air WS 

 Tuesday May 11th

Textbook page 234 14 - 18 

 Wednesday May 12th

Unit Rate Worksheet

 Monday May 17th

 Get Interim Report Signed  AND Soccer Supplies WS

 Tuesday May 18th

 page 235 22 - 29

 Wednesday May 19th

 Bargain Hunting WS

 Monday May 24th

 page 237 Checkpoint Quiz 6 - 10

 Tuesday May 25th

 page 262 6 - 11


 There will be no more assigned homework for the year.  To review for our final, students' classwork will count as homework assignments.  If you have any questions, please send me an email.


*Click on the name of the assignment to be able to download and print the worksheet*

Homework is assigned every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  The assignments are not due until the Friday after they are assigned.  Late work is NOT accepted.

All assignments are uploaded to MediaFire a free filing hosting site.  If you are having difficulty finding a file please check out this link for the homework folder :   or please e-mail me and I will send it to you!