Accelerated Math (period 8)

Accelerated 7th grade Math is the honors level section.  Curriculum for this course is a combination of 7th grade and some 8th grade material.  Students who successfully complete accelerated math will be recommended to Algebra (a regents level course) in 8th grade.


4th Quarter



 Monday April 12th

 Textbook page 41 13 - 25

 Tuesday April 13th

 Textbook page 225 1 - 11

 Wednesday April 14th

 Solving Equations Notes and Practice Worksheet

 Monday April 19th

Holes in your Shirt Integer WS 

 Tuesday April 20th

Textbook page 454 8 - 20 

 Wednesday April 21st

Textbook page 333 6 - 20 

 Monday April 26th

 Angle WS (see me for a copy)

 FRIDAY April 30th

 Get letter signed - Complete Practice Test


 Monday May 3rd

 Angles Reteaching WS

 Monday May 10th

Angle Worksheet "Pouring Oil in a Car" 

 Tuesday May 11th

Unit Rate Worksheet

 Wednesday May 12th

 page 234  6 - 18

 Monday May 17th

Get Interim Report Signed AND Soccer Supplies WS

 Tuesday May 18th

 page 235 22 - 29

 Wednesday May 19th

 Bargain Hunting WS

 Monday May 24th

 page 236 1 - 4

 Tuesday May 25th

 page 509 1 - 5

 Tuesday June 1st

page 334 28 -33

 Wednesday June 2nd

Read pages 510 - 512 Complete page 512 5 - 8 & 15 - 16 


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Homework is assigned Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights.  It is due the Friday after it is assigned.  Late homework is NOT accepted.