Update for the week of September 17, 2012


Practice multiplication facts. We will have a test on patterns, fact families, arrays, properties, and algebra on Friday (9/21). We are getting ready to start our unit on multiplication and division.

Students need to slow down. Many are rushing through assignments and making careless mistakes. We also need to make sure we are listening in class and asking questions when we do not understand. Telling me that you do not understand when I am passing out test papers is too late! I need to know before so that I can help the students learn the concept. Please continue to work nightly on homework with your child. This helps the students to learn the concept.

We encourage students to do homework in the afternoon while they are waiting for buses or aftercare to be called. This way we can answer questions and help students when they do not understand the concept. Many students are utilizing this help in the afternoons. It does make a difference!


Science- We are finishing up our unit on the solar system. This week we will be studying constellations and stars. There will be a test next Wednesday over the solar system. I will send home a study guide for the weekend. Students will need to make sure to return the study guide on Wednesday (completed). It will be a grade.




Update for the week of September 10, 2012.


It was a good week, but I do have to say that I am concerned about the lack of focus and participation in math and science class. Many students are not listening to directions and paying attention in class. This is being reflected in grades. Please discuss with your child the importance of paying attention in class. I know they can do it, and I do know that they are still getting into the routine. They will get there, but sometimes they just need to be reminded.

No scheduled tests/quizzes this week.  Make sure students are completing their phases of the moon calendar!  Due September 28, 2012!


Please make sure students are completing homework each night. This will help the student to learn the skill taught in class.


Also please, please make sure students are studying for tests! Students cannot expect to do well on tests when they do not know the material. In fourth grade, the students are introduced to new concepts that will require the students to practice and study. Students need to start studying at least 2 to 3 nights prior to the test.





Update for the Week of September 4, 2012

I hope everyone enjoys their long weekend. It will be a while before we have another break! The students are making great progress in math and science. We will still be working on rounding, estimation, and comparing numbers this week. We will also try to get into multiplication. The place value and rounding took a little longer than anticipated. Continue working with your child on multiplication if they are struggling. They need to know their facts before we get too far into multiplication. On Friday, we may have a rounding, estimation, and comparing numbers quiz. There are still some students struggling with rounding especially if you have a large number. I will let you know and the students will write it in their agendas.

Science- We are having a phases of the moon quiz on Wednesday. On August 31, the students received their phases of the moon calendars to keep up with the phases of the moon. Students are to go out at night to look at the moon. On their calendars, they will draw and label the phase of the moon they see. This will be a grade! It will be due on September 28, 2012. Any turned in late will have a deduction of 10 points taken off. Please keep this somewhere safe. In case of a cloudy night, students may look online to see what phase the moon is in that night.


Update for the week of August 27, 2012

Math- We will continue working the different ways to represent a number this week and work on rounding/estimation. We will also start talking more in depth about factors and multiplication. We will have a place value test on Friday. This test will include place value/value, expanded form, standard form, word form, rounding/estimation, and there will be some review from prime and composite numbers. Continue to study multiplication facts. It is essential that the students know their facts because we will be moving towards multiplying multiple digits soon.



Science- We will be studying the phases of the moon this week. Students will be given a blank calendar on Friday (August 31) to draw/label the phases of the moon for the month of September. This is a project and it will be graded. The sheets will need to be kept somewhere safe. The sheets will be due on September 28, 2012. This is a great family project. Students love to go out at night to look and the moon. In case of a cloudy night or a night that the child forgot to go look, students can use the computer to look up the phase of the moon.

The science vocabulary test has been graded. I am disaappointed somewhat with some of the grades especially since we have gone over these words for almost two weeks.  Please have your child study nightly for tests. Students need to start studying days before the test.




Update 8/17/2012 for the week of August 20, 2012

We are making our way through prime and composite numbers. I think most eveyone understands the concept. There are some that are still struggling with the concept, but we will continue to work on it with them.  We will continue to review. This week we will start into place value. We did not get to this concept last week.

We are going to have a quiz on prime and composite numbers on Wednesday.

Please make sure your child is studying their multiplication facts. We will have a test on Friday (August 24).



Science update- The students are loving learning about how the Earth revolves and rotates. They are excited about learning about the solar system! We will take a quiz on the vocabulary words on page 54 on Friday. Please have your child study some each night. We made vocabulary cards to help the students study.




This year we will have some changes to our math curriculum. We will be incorporating the new CCGPS. There are a few changes, but not many. During the first nine weeks, we will be teaching some concepts that were supposed to be taught in third grade but were not due to the new curriculum starting this year. Some of the concepts that we will be teaching this year are prime/composite numbers, place value, rounding to nearest million, geometry, algebra, fractions (this year the students will work with unlike denominators as well as like denominators), measurement (more conversions this year), data analysis, multiplication (2 & 3 digits by 2 digits), long division, decimals, order of operations, and word problems. I know this seems like a lot of concepts, but it is the curriculum and we will work hard to make sure each child has a good understanding of the concepts being taught.



Science is all about curiosity and wonder. We have plenty to satisfy with our science curriculum. This the students will be studying  the solar system and stars (constellations), ecosystems, weather, light, sound, and simple machines. The science curriculum can be a little difficult for students so it is essential that the students study for all quizzes and tests. This is another concept that students learn this year. Students will learn how to study for tests and quizzes. This is something that we wall work on all year long. They can do it!