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Students who are taking my class for the first time, be prepared to learn. In order to learn in my class you will have to take notes and pay attention. I will try to make history as interesting and non-painful as possible. My classes will be challenging, due to the fact that I love the learning and teaching of this subject, history. For some students this class will be a challenge. However, I can guarantee all students, if you study you will pass, if you pay attention and take descent notes you will pass, if you struggle and show me that you are trying you will have a good chance of passing. I can also promise you, if you show up to my class and don’t pay attention, and don’t care, you will fail my class. With that being said, I assure you that I am not your strict teacher who is obsessed with rules. I teach Seniors, act like an adult and I’ll treat you like one. This year will be very interesting.