Bell Schedule

First bell rings at 7:50 a.m.

7:55  -   8:50Period 1
8:55  -   9:45Period 2
9:50  - 10:40Period 3
10:45  - 11:35Period 4
11:40  - 12:30Period 5
12:30  -   1:15Lunch
1:20  -   2:10Period 6
2:15  -   3:05Period 7


Tardy Policy

Tardies are viewed as a disruption to the classroom environment.  Coming late not only deprives the tardy student of full time learning but also disrupts the education of others.  If a student is to learn, he/she must be in their assigned area when the tardy bell sounds.  The school reserves the right to make the determination whether or not a student is tardy.


Definition: When the bell signals the end of a class period, students will have five (5) minutes to pass between classes.  Each student must be clearly inside the room of the correct class when the tardy bell starts ringing.  Students not in the correct class when the bell begins to ring will be counted as tardy.  Students who come to class unprepared (including admits if absent the previous day) may also be considered as tardy.  If a student has a pass from a school official, he/she will not be considered tardy.  Notes for excused tardies will be issued for:

A.    Doctor's appointment verified by note or phone call.

B.    Nurse's pass with date and time specified.

C.    Teacher's or counselor's note with date and time             specified.

D. Verified Identification of extenuating circumstances by note or phone message from parent/guardian. Exceptions will be considered on an individual basis.


General Procedure

Students who are tardy shall be considered to be in violation of school regulation/procedures and as such, disruptive of the educational process of the school.


Students will be allowed a total of five (5) tardies per class per semester.  On the fifth (5th) tardy, students will be dropped from the class with no credit unless an appeal is made in writing to the Principal, and granted, due to an error or extenuating circumstances.


Each teacher is responsible for handling the tardiness situation in his or her classroom on the first two (2) tardies.  On the third (3rd) unexcused tardy, students will be referred to the Principal for disciplinary action.  Parents will be notified in writing of each tardy beginning with the third (3rd) and advised of loss of credit if tardy behavior continues through the fifth (5th) tardy.  On the third (3rd) tardy students will be assigned three (3) days of lunch OCS.  On the fourth (4th) tardy students will be assigned two (2) days of OCS.  On the fifth (5th) tardy, he/she may be assigned to OCS for that class period for the remainder of the semester and receive a failing grade in that class for the semester