Zhejiang Tianzhen Industry & Trade Co,Ltd.

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The production base of Zhejiang Tianzhen Industry&Trade Co, Ltd. is located in Taizhou, Zhejiang. It is an advanced professional dust-proof Chinese PPE manufacturer specialized in producing masks. The company is a new and modern enterprise in the sanitary products

industry integrating R&D, production and sales. The company has invested in seven high-speed modern mask non-medical mask , and the daily output will reach 1 million.



At present, the main products produced by the company are: KN95 mask series, ordinary protective surgical mask , etc. And it has passed the GB2626 test, the US FDA and other tests. The company has the medical device production license and the second-class medical device sales, and its civilian protective products have passed the certification of group standard PM2.5 protective masks.


Through years of hard work, the company has been recognized by many companies. We are willing to bring cleanliness and health to people; and we are also willing to seek common development with our partners and always move forward!

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