Student Resources

Students Resources Social Studies Boat Safe Kids
This site shows how maps and charts are made.
TerraServer Maps
Amazing aerial photographs and maps of virtually anywhere in America!Ellis Island Virtual Tour #1
A fantastic site with audio and video clips

Ellis Island Virtual Tour #2
See what it was like to be an immigrant arriving at Ellis Island.

Ellis Island Immigration Museum

Immigration WebQuest:  America's Story
Meet famous Americans, jump back in time, or explore the 50 states.

The American Immigration Home Page
Look here for some great information on immigration.

Random Name Generator
Use this site to find a name for your immigrant.

Foreign Currency Image Gallery
This site has great pictures of money from countries all over the world.

World Flag Database
Find any country's flag.

Spanish Explorers
Excellent site with kid-friendly information on Spanish explorers

Virtual Jamestown
Packed the information about the colony of Jamestown

The Jamestown Online Adventure
Historical simulation that puts you in charge of the Jamestown colony

State Tourism Offices
Phone numbers and websites of all 50 states' tourism offices.  Use this link to request information from your state.

All you need to know about the 50 states

Kids Konnect
A great source of information on all 50 states (and a whole lot more)

Stately Knowledge
Facts about the United States

Another great website with tons of information on all 50 states

National Governors Association
Great information on all 50 states' governors

State Counties Information
Detailed information about the counties of all 50 states
Use this site to find information about state senators and representatives.

Place the State
Test your knowledge of the location of each of the states in America.

State Quest
A WebQuest about the United States

The PBS Democracy Project
Learn all about how our government works!

Archiving Early America
A site with tons of information about our country's roots

A fantastic site about the American Revolution

The White House for Kids
Learn all about the White House and the President of the United States.

The White House Historical Association
Tons of information about The White House and its history

Presidents of the United States
All you ever wanted to know about America's presidents

The Oregon Trail
Learn more about the famous path to the West.


AAA Math
Excellent site with links to pages in all areas of math

Great explanations, interactive practice, and games about fractions

A+ Math
Interactive flash cards and games
Practice your multiplication facts.

Tangram Puzzles
Like geometry?  You'll love this challenging site!

Figure This!
Math challenges for families

Quia Mathematics
Practice your math skills, from multiplication to algebra.

Language Arts

Analogy of the Day
Excellent practice with analogies -- a different analogy every day!

Learning Vocabulary Can Be Fun
Learn new vocabulary while playing games like Hangman and doing word searches.

Learn English
Easily learn over 1,500 English words and phrases.

The John Newbery Medal
Looking for a good book?  Here's a list of those that have been awarded the Newbery Medal, an award given annually to the author of the  most distinguished contribution to American literature for children.

Merriam-Webster Online Language Center
Online dictionary, thesaurus, and more!

Fake Out!
A fun way to improve your vocabulary.

Scholastic Book Clubs
Scholastic's site for kids.


Weather Wiz Kids
A site all about weather, designed by a meteorologist specifically for kids

The Nine Planets - Just for Kids
Great site on our solar system, designed for kids

Welcome to the Planets
Great pictures and information on our solar system's nine planets

The Discovery Channel for Kids
Packed with information on just about everything.

Skateboard Science Exploratorium
Learn the science behind skateboarding.

Learn about planets, stars, and more!

Harcourt Science
Student activities and resources.


Brain Pop
Lots of educational videos on just about everything!

The Web guide for kids.  Check out news, games, jokes, and more!
Educational games

Great search links for kids!

Yahoo Kids

Kids Click

Ask Kids