Busting some Teeth Whitening Myths

Teeth Whitening is something that almost everyone has thought about at least once in their lives. In the age of pictures and visuals, everyone strives for a picture-perfect smile. General Dentistry clinics are constantly advertising their teeth whitening treatments, and websites are constantly writing about teeth-whitening home remedies. It is thus easy for myths to start circulating regarding dental teeth whitening. 


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Myth 1- Teeth Whitening will make your teeth healthier  
Fact- Teeth Whitening only improves the aesthetic appearance of your smile by making them whiter. The colour of your teeth is not indicative of your oral health. It will certainly boost your confidence if you have yellow or stained teeth. However, it will not heal any infections or plaque deposits. This is essential because Teeth Whitening is not the same as Teeth Cleaning or Deep Cleaning. Teeth cleaning cleans the plaque deposits etc from the surface of your teeth and between your teeth. This improves your oral health if you maintain proper oral hygiene after the visiting Dental Cleaning Near Me.


Myth 2- Teeth Whitening increases oral sensitivity 
Fact- As stated in the previous fact, teeth whitening is not the same as teeth cleaning. Therefore, teeth whitening is simply about making the teeth appear whiter. It does not scrape multiple layers off your teeth, making them more sensitive. If you visit a Dental Clinic Near Me you can know from a professional dentist how it is a myth.


Myth 3- Swishing Coconut Oil in your mouth can whiten teeth 
Fact- Oil Pulling is the technique of swirling coconut oil in your mouth for 10 minutes. While the technique might have several other benefits, there is no concrete dental evidence to suggest that coconut oil pulling can whiten your teeth. Swirling it in your mouth for 10 minutes will improve your oral health as it would pull away bacteria and deposits from small corners and nooks of your mouth. Thus if you already have white teeth, you might be able to keep them whiter by avoiding staining on your teeth. 


Myth 4- Teeth Whitening is a permanent procedure 
Fact- A Teeth Whitening Dentist is often asked if the effects of teeth whitening are forever. Teeth become yellow and stained due to underlying reasons. If the cause was some sort of Vitamin or Calcium deficiency then its important that you get treatment for those deficiencies to not only maintain your health but also make your teeth stay white for longer. If you are a frequent smoker or drink a lot of tea, coffee and red wine then your teeth will certainly get stained again. In addition to making these lifestyle changes, getting a tooth cleaning top up every couple of months will you help you keep your looking white all the time. 


Myth 5- At-home teeth whitening strips and treatments are as good as professional teeth whitening treatments 
Fact- At-home whitening treatments only work on the surface of your teeth. Professional whitening treatments penetrate into multiple layers of your teeth, that is why its a long term solution. For affordable dental whitening, you can visit an Affordable Dentist Near Me for better results. 


Article Source :- https://familydentistrycare.blogspot.com/2020/12/busting-some-teeth-whitening-myths.html