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Hello! My name is Amanda and I am a level 1 certified tutor trained to implement the Orton-Gillingham Apporach to students who show charcteristics of dyslexa. 


What is dyslexia?


“dys- the “dys” part of dyslexia means lack of ability

lexia- the “lexia” part of dyslexia means with language

Therefore, the term dyslexia simply means lack of ability with language.

-The Dyslexia Institute





what charcteristics am I looking for?

 below is a list of warnng signs of dyslexia to be aware of;                                            Early warning signs of dyslexia:                                                                                                                  

  • Mild speech or articulation problems

  • Trouble rhyming words

  • Trouble recalling the letter names

  • Not interested in looking at print

School aged warning signs:

  • Difficulty learning to read

  • Difficulty learning to spell

  • Difficulty learning the alphabet

  • Difficulty identifying rhyming words, or counting syllables in words

  • Difficulty hearing sounds in words

  • Poor reading comprehension

  • Slow, laborious oral reading

  • Difficulty remembering names and shapes

  • Reverses letters or the order of letters when reading after 1st grade.

  • Misreads or omits common small words.

  • Stumbles through longer words.






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