Features of Dystopian novels

Classic dystopian novels and films bear an instructive message that generally explores themes like oppression, anarchism and deprivation. Most celebrated authors of dystopian literature, for example Margaret Atwood once said that, “If you’re interested in writing speculative fiction, one way to generate a plot is to take an idea from current society and move it a little further down the road. Even if humans are short-term thinkers, fiction can anticipate and extrapolate into multiple versions of the future.”



There are many other reasons why dystopian classics enjoy an influential position in literature. Dystopian fiction actually educates and warns human society about the dangers and risks involved in the current social and political structures. One of Atwood’s classic novels ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ happens in an ultramodern United States named as Gilead. The novel warns about oppressive patriarchy.


Novels conceived on the idea Utopia Vs Dystopia actually suggest authors’ beliefs and thoughts. One of the renowned writers, H.G Wells’ novel ‘The Time Machine’ conveyed author’s socialist views. It followed a story that a Victorian England scientist build a time machines and find the downsides of a capitalist society. Dystopian books for Teens demand high suspension of disbelief and also are very creative.


George Orwell’s famous moral story ‘Animal Farm’ is another classic in dystopian literature that follows a story of a group of pigs staging a revolt against their farmer. Animals’ move against farmer is viewed as rise to power and is based on Russian Revolution. Dystopian books for young adults also deal with themes like satirical critiques. In 1962, famous author Anthony Burgess’s novel ‘A clockwork Orange’ suggested social satire of behaviorism.


The novel happened in an ultramodern society with an adult subculture of acute violence. The totalitarian government in the country shields the society and people by recommending good behavior and putting an end to violent impulses. Dystopian books with romance attract young adults from all over the world. Sale of best dystopian romance novels got a hike in this lockdown period.


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