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Are you looking for the best Dystopian Films? There are many online sources offering popular dystopian novels and films to read this lockdown! Dystopia is a fictitious state where conditions of life are very bad due to poverty, oppression and terror. The word ‘dystopia’ derived from ancient Greek, fiction meaning is the polar opposite of Utopia. Dystopian novels are interpreted earlier as a bleak warning of the dangers of despotism.

Political dystopian books and ideas inspired authors like George Orwell who had experienced the Second World War and Spanish civil war. Anyway, dystopian novels are much more to the style of literature than just giving warning about certain political ideologies. Some dystopian classics such as Animal Farm, Huxley’s Brave New World and 1984 and the growing popularity in adult fiction shows that there is something more than the warning nature of dystopian novels.

Have you ever thought of why are dystopian novels so popular? Well, it is not only the young adult fiction but also the vision of the future the literature suggests. Most stories are happening in a severely destructive setting where characters fight with environmental ruin, government oppression and technological control. Japanese dystopian novels challenge readers to look upon the story theme differently and get inspired for action.

Dystopian literature is something like speculative fiction that was started as an answer to utopian literature. Dystopia is an antonym of utopia, which is a perfect state. Famous Japanese novels describing dystopian culture as well as horror has high demand in the market. Many people are searching for their favorite dystopian novels and films, especially in the lockdown period.

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Dystopian literature suggests that the world has never been better, in some ways.  Reading dystopian fiction will improve your empathy as well as human experience and help you watch the world through a critical eye. Search for your favorite dystopian fiction work at a reputed online store and start reading at your convenience. Look for the most authentic online sources so that you can end up getting quality results for the money you spend online. Come online and understand the world of Dystopia!