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Earth Science 1 Fall 2012

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The Final Exam will be EITHER

Monday Dec 17th Period 3 and 4


Wednesday Dec 19th Period 3 and 4

To review for the final exam click any of the links below.  

Observation, Inference and Relationships, and Density

Latitude and Longitude






This website will help you prepare for the Earth Science Regents.  

  • Follow the link at the right called " Study Schedule."  Within the schedule, you will find links to a testing site.  When you have completed each diagnostic test with an 80,  print out your certificate and bring it to me.
  • The link above called "Video Resources" will take you to a list of links you can you to prepare.
  • "100 Illustrated ways to pass the Earth Science Regents" is a quick way to access concepts.
  • "ESRT" will take you to a PDF copy of the Earth Science Reference Tables.  You should print these out 
  • If you have any questions, contact me at dzimmerman@schools.nyc.gov,

I am also available, Monday-Wednesday Period 0, Monday from 3-5, Wed and Thursday from 3-4.