Welcome to Room 501

I am looking forward to the start of a new school year. I know that this year will bring excitement, exploration and growth to your child. 

To insure that this first week of school starts off smoothly, I have made a list of things your child should have for this school year:

?      Three ring binder (2 inch wide)

?      Line paper

?      5-8 dividers for the binder

?      Six pencils (no mechanical)

?      Black and red pens (no gel pens will be aloud in class)

?      Expo markers (thin point) for dry erase boards

?      Twelve inch ruler

?      Multiplication and division flash cards


Recommended items that may be brought to class:


?      Box of crayons

?      Colored pencils

?      Scissors

?      A small pencil box, which can fit inside the desk

?      Pencil sharpener with a top to catch the shavings