Safety on the Internet

Safety Internet Tips for Students:

1.) Friends- Do not add people you do not know as online friends. Never make arrangements to meet an online friend without talking to a parent.

2.) Digital Footprint- Do not post anything that would damage your reputation. Do not post anything your do not want your friends, family, and future employers to see.

3.) Privacy- Keep all personal information private. Do not share your full name, address, passwords, and plans online.

4.) Talk- Talk to your parents about what you are doing online. Let them know which websites you are visiting.

5.) Check Laws- Make sure you check before using images and content from others online as they may be copyrighted. Check user age before creating social media accounts.

6.) Usernames and Passwords- Create sensible usernames and passwords that you will remember. Never share your username or password with anyone.

7.) Cyberbullying- Never enage in cyber bullying. Inform as adult if you are a victim of cyberbullying.

8.) Question- Never believe everything you see and read online. Question who wrote the message and why.

9.) Unplug- Do not spend all of your time on the internet. Be sure to unplug and enjoy doing thinhs without technology.

10) Manners- Be polite and respectful when online. Treat others the way you want to be treated.

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