What is Digital Citizenship?

Digital citizenship means to live in the digital world safely, responsibly, and ethically. There are nine elements which are considered the 'norms' of appropriate, responsible behavior with regard to technology use.  

The Nine Elements to Digital Citizenship:

Digital access: Full electronic participation in society, which includes helping to make sure everyone has equal access to technology.

Digital commerce: How to be effective consumers in a new digital economy, including how to make well-informed decisions relating to buying and downloading materials online.

Digital communication: How to make appropriate decisions when faced with so many different digital communication options, such as when (and how) to send an email versus a text message or casual social media connection.

Digital literacy: How to use various technologies and internet applications and how to use that technology effectively. It also goes beyond learning how to use today’s technology. Good digital citizens should be able to pick up new skills as needed.

Digital etiquette: More than just being able to recognize inappropriate behavior, good digital citizens should know how to act appropriately online.

Digital law: How to use technology in an ethical manner—such as not hacking into others’ information, downloading music illegally, plagiarizing, sending spam, or stealing someone’s identify.

Digital rights and responsibilities: Digital citizens should consider that there is, essentially, a virtual Bill of Rights protecting everyone online. Thus, issues such as privacy, free speech, and so on apply to every digital user.

Digital health and wellness: How to guard against the potential dangers of technology, and practice eye safety and sound ergonomics while avoiding repetitive stress syndrome, and psychological issues, like internet addiction.

Digital security: Good digital citizens should employ electronic precautions to guarantee safety, such as creating secure passwords, not sharing passwords, backing up data, antivirus protection, and surge control.                                                                                         

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