English 11

October 27th

"The Man He Killed" Questions #1 a and b

October 26th

1. Head/Heart/Hearing Poem Responses

October 17th

1. Essay Prep Sheet

2. Essays Wednesday

October 12th

No Homework!

October 11th

1. Quiz: Comma Use and Parallel Structure

October 5th

2 Paragraphs Due: similarities and differences between "My Last Duchess" and the "The Cask of Amontillado"

October 3rd

Presentation Order


1. Molly, Jaclyn, and Robert

 2. Sean, Brett, and Kaleem


1. Mana, Miko, Lily, and Maria

2. Amanda and Jaryah


1. Alisha, Tyson, Virginie, and Jordan

2. Spencer, Mitchell, Jessica, and Breanna


1. Shay, Jessica, Molly and Max

2. Andrew, Liam, Lucas, Sean, and Cole

September 30th

Short Story Project Presentations will begin Tuesday.

September 27th

Questions 1a, b, c for "Mirror Image"

Notes: Science Fiction (worksheet)