English 8

October 27th

No Homework

October 26th

1. POV test

2. Pros and Cons of Killing and Telling

October 17th

1. Quote of the Day

2. Atmosphere Paragraph

3. PLEDGE for Change

October 13

1. Bring Felts

October 12th

1. Journal Entry: What is an injustice in you lfe? What is something you can do to change it?

2. Cue Cards

October 6th

1. Paragraph Due

2. Cue Cards Due


October 4th

1. Quiz on Types of CONFLICT

2. Roger's Journal (10 years later) and 5 questions for Mrs. Luella Bates Washington Jones Now


October 3rd

1. Character Terms Quiz tomorrow

2. "Thank-You Ma'am" Crime Poster


September 30th

Newspaper Article Summary and Picture


September 27

Bring Cue Card for Short Story Terms

Terry Fox Money $$$