Ck12 is a website that engages students in a variety of ways. Ck12 allows you to assign readings, assign online activities, and give student assessments. Ck12 allows teachers to track students progress and taylor each of the activities to the students needs. You can choose grade level readings and also real life articles that align with the concepts that students are learning in class. CK 12 is also great to use with hyperdocs.

CK 12



edpuzzle is website that lets you upload any video.  It allows teachers to check students understanding of what they have watched. This is a great way to make sure students are watching videos that you assign to them and it allows teachers to gather data throughout the lesson. You can use a variety of questions within your video (multiple choice, short answer, etc.) It works hand in hand with webquest and hyperdocs.




Hyperdocs is a Google document that contain lessons that students can navigate independently. These documents contain instructions, links, tasks, and other resources for students to learn about a particular topic. You can use premade hyperdocs or create your own. You can even taylor the hyperdoc to each students level (low level students and advanced students.)