CREDIT: This WebQuest is adapted from"Hayes Volcano WebQuest".



Gabriel and his sister Perla live in a small town in Mexico called Puebla. They are both in middle school.   Their  father and mother work as farmers.  The family have been saving money for many years in order to buy thier own farm on the outskirts of town. However, Gabriel and Perla are concerned about the hazards of living near the base of Mt. Popocatepetl or "El Popo". They have heard stories growing up about this volcanic mountain. They fear for thier own safety and for thier family.

Perla and Gabriel have been trying to encourage thier parents to relocate the family elsewhere but thier parents are not convinced.  Therefore, Perla and Gabriel think that they should learn more. They decide to consult with the town historian and the mayor. Then they plan to travel to the capital city to consult with a geologist and a volcanologist. The reports of these four knowledgeable people will form the basis for the family making an informed decision.