About Me

Mr. Smith

Earth/Space science teacher

Adjunct Instructor for two different colleges

Amateur Astronomer & Geologist, Retired Vol. Firefighter & Rescue Scuba Diver

Tennis player & Tennis Coach for NCAA College & High School as well as private instructor

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  Lessons on the "FORCE of Nature

     Dac Waver (Jedi knight)   (active mem

 Jedi Waver protection the druids           Belt w/4 food capsules;              The Guardian Saber              Guardian                  Guardian

                                                                2 pouches & Saber clip                     Green saber                    Green

  Dac Waver protecting the druids  Dac Waver Jedi Belt Dac Waver Guardian Saber view 1 Dac Waver Guardian Saber view 2 UltraSaber Guardian Saber  with Diamond sound


           Master Jedi battling Darth Vadar  @ Star Wars day      Master Jedi       at SteelCityCon 2018        Mandalorian was around


                     Star Trek Commander Science office (Commander Smith)   

      Lessons on "SPACE and beyond"  including open house:

      "to ask parents questions that no one has ever asked before

       Welcome to Earth/Space Science                                Commander Smith @       NASA Flight Suit for

              Commander Smith                                                          open house 2015+           Rocket Science


                    80's day

   8th grade team                                           Doc Brown                     Doc Brown and Marty (Mr. Tsipras) McFly