Ch 17 Plate Tectonics

                  CHAPTER 17 PLATE TECTONICS    pages: 467-497

by: Frank Gregorio

               Introduction to Earth Science (Dynamic Earth)            

TEXT BOOK Sections:    Ch 17-1 Drifting Continents       Ch 17-2 Seafloor Spreading 

                                       Ch17-3 States of Matter   Ch 17-4 Causes of Plate Motions

Smith's Cornell Notes:  PowerPoint Notes for class       


TEXT BOOK  Questions:    Ch 17-Assessments

TEXT BOOK STUDY GUIDE    Ch 17 Study guide Scantron

EXTRA NOTES:   Dynamic earth topic 5

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FEB 27

LISTEN to Mr. Parr's


LISTEN to Mr. Parr's


 LISTEN to Mr. Parr's


 The Continental Drift Song 

  Wegener "The Man" Song


  Wegener Was His Name

 Pangaea-Shape Was True Song

 See Down Low Alfred Wegener



FEB 27

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  VIDEO QUIZ if you missed class

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 Video we watched in class... Private Link to youtube

  Wegener Cartoon video from class part1   by Clearvue  

  Wegener Cartoon video from class part2   by Clearvue  

   WS catch my drift  


Feb 28

Watch video in this order










Land pieces ONLY 

 LAND cut out ALL THE pieces on these sheet


 Continental Drift: 3.3 Billion Years   by: Algol


 Earth 100 Million years from NOW    by  SpaceRip :


 Plate Movement: 200 Million Years Ago to Present Day    by: California Academy of Sciences


 How Earth Will Look In 250 million Years  �  by: Tech Insider



 The MASS Extinction Story of Earth


 Known Ice Ages





Pangaea Puzzle Game

When it opens click on the arrow in the middle to start it


 Pangaea Puzzle Game activity

 Click the link below.


Mar 1



What you are to write on the poster

Land pieces ONLY 

Rubic for project

HELP with Fossil clues


  POSTER Directions if you can't find your sheet


  "His Story Begins..." this is what I want you to write

  LAND cut out ALL THE pieces on these sheet

  RUBRIC for Poster project

  HELP with Pangaea Fossil clues






LISTEN to Mr. Parr's



         HOMEWORK Watch Video 

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 possible quiz


 The Continental Drift Song 


 Continental Drift Video     by: Michael Sammartano




Mar 3 


 CORNELL notesheet

Watch video


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  Alfred Wegener: Great Minds  bySciShow

     WS Continental Drft 


Mar 3




MUST Watch 



 Watch video in class



 Worksheets for homework 



  The Scientist Who Mapped the Seafloor: Marie Tharp | Great Minds  by SciShow


  Seafloor Spreading Video     by: Michael Sammartano

 Seafloor Spreading

 Sea Floor Spreading & Plate Tectonic Evidence


 WS Continental Drift  &  WS SeaFloor Spreading


Mar 3

  Watch video in class


 Watch video in class






  What Happens When Earth’s Magnetic Poles Reverse? Seeker

 What Will Happen When Earth's North And South Pole Flip? by Tech Insider


   magnetic reversal website 




if needed


Watch video in class

Pole Shift is in Progress 2019.




Great website


Extra video 


  5 Truths About Earth's Magnetic Reversal  by:Suspicious0bservers

  The Magnetic Field is going to Flip  by Deeper Look

  What a Magnetic Reversal Means for Earth   by: SuspectSky

           magnetic reversal website 

  Sea Floor Spreading Lecture   (extra video)

  Magnetic Reversals and Sea Floor Spreading  by Keith Meldahl



Review video

 LISTEN to Mr. Parr's


Worksheet for Video 

        Directions to Video 

  1. Print off the video worksheet questions
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  3. Answer the questions to the worksheet



  Pangaea's moving Farther apart again Song


 WS Video 5 Birth of Theory

   EARTH REVEALED Video #5 The Birth of a Theory  


  WS Continental Drft 




 Worksheet for Video 

 Directions to Video 

  1. Print off the video worksheet questions
  2. Click on the link below the Video title:
  3. Answer the questions to the worksheet 

 WS: video #6 Plate Tectonics at home 

  Earth Revealed Video #6 Plate Tectonics 



Mar 5








Complete worksheets


 Plate Tectonics   by: Mike Sammartano


 Plate Tectonics Explained     by: MinuteEarth


   World Map of Plate Tectonics     


 WS Major Plates-

  WS Key Terms Plate Tectonics

   WS study seafloor spreading on land    

   WS 49 types of plate boundaries 


March 31


 WS for Active & Passive Continental Margins [Part 1]


 WS for Active & Passive Continental Margins [Part 2]



  Active and Passive Continental Margins [Part 1]  by worldethq

   Active and Passive Continental Margins [Part 2]  by worldethq

  WS for activity 


MArch 31

Atricle on Plate Tectonics

 Watch video for review 


 The Ocean is way deeper than you think  by: RealLifeLore

 This incredible Animation shows How Deep the Ocean is  by: Tech Insider

  Ocean floor features  by: Lincoln Learning Solutions

   Features of the Ocean Basin  by: Sean Fisher-Rohde


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