Ch 30 Galaxy and Beyond

CHAPTER 30 INTRODUCTION TO Galaxies and Beyond    pages: 

by: Frank Gregorio

Introduction to Galaxies             

 Introduction to the Big Bang

The Inflation of the Universe


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Ch 30 Galaxies

 Alien worlds  

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     by:  Equalification Productions


   Universe Size Comparison   RED SIDE

  Our Universe maybe... Start at 2:50minute mark

    The follwoing videos are from by: Discovery UK

 Space School - Strange Things by: Discovery UK


  The Density of a Black Hole - How The Universe Works

  From Nothing To Everything - How The Universe Works





 What is Dark Matter and Dark Energy

 Crash Course Astronomy  Dark Matter #41



How the Universe Works

Space Discovery Documentary

 Questions about the Universe Part 1 -


 Questions about the Universe Part 2 - 


 Questions about the Universe Part 3 -



THRIVE Movement

  THRIVE: What On Earth Will It Take?   by: THRIVE Movement


  Universe size comparision 3D    by: Reigarw Comparisons 


  Evacuate Earth   by Krasnyy yug






 First image of a Black Hole   by Veritasium


 How to Understand the Black Hole image   by Veritasium

aith Videof

National Geographic Documentary 2015 - Aliens Exist on the Moon Full HD 2015 

by ;  faith Video



Chandra X-ray observatory


Hubble Site




UNIVERSE 101  Big Bang

  WEBSITE activity

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Interactives: Dynamic Earth   by

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WS 49 types of plate boundaries 


  Gravity Visualized by:apbiolghs