Laws of the Game for the Easter Money Madness Soccer Tournament

USSF Rules & Regulations with the following exceptions:


  • Rule 1: 

The field of play is 45 x 75 yards.

There is NO slide tackling  (Exception Goalies in their own box)


  • Rule 2: 

7v7 (6 field players + goalkeeper)

Adult Co-Ed must play with a minimum 3 Girls.

Minimum number of players must be 4 field players + goalkeeper.


  • Rule 3:

All players must wear shin guards.

All players must matching, numbered jersey.

NO molded shoes will be allowed (flats and turfs only).

There will be NO jewelry worn during the game.


  • Rule 4:

The duration of a game will be (1) twenty-five (25) minute game.

A forfeit will occur after five (5) minutes of a scheduled game time.

A forfeit will occur if a team plays with a player not on the CURRENT roster.

In the case that a forfeit occurs the winning team will be rewarded a 3-0 win.


  • Rule 5:

Substitutions will be done “on the fly.”


  • Rule 6:

If two (2) Cautions (yellow card) are given to one player in one game they will be suspended from the tournament.

If one (1) Red Card is given to a player in a game they will be suspended from the tournament.

When a player is given a red card, his/her team must play down for the remainder of game.

There will be NO spitting at another individual or in the facility.


  • Rule 7:

If the ball hits the ceiling in the field of play, an indirect free kick will be awarded from where the ball hit the ceiling.

If the ball hits the wire … PLAY ON !!!

During a free kick the opponents must be five (5) yards from the ball.


  • Rule 8:

Three (3) points will be awarded for a win, one (1) point will be awarded for a tie.

Round robin tie breaker (1) Head to head (2) Goal differential (3) Goals against (4) Shut-outs (5) penalty kicks between the tied teams.  

Semi-final and final playoff tie-breakers will be determined by a set of five (5) penalty kicks.  Any player on the roster can take the penalty kick.  (Co-Ed (3) Males (2) Females).  If there is no determined winner at the end of the set of penalty kicks, a “1 for 1” sudden victory of penalty kicks will determine the victor.

Championship games will be 30 minutes consisting of two (2) fifteen (15) minute halves


  • Rule 9:

All referee decisions are final.