Beginner’s Guide on How to choose the best recharge plan

You cannot imagine a life without a mobile phone nowadays. Mobile with an internet connection lets you have the world at your fingertips. Be it your private commitments or your professional requirements, you may fulfill all of them simply with a mobile device with an internet connection.


Some internet packs from BSNL recharge Online let you have unlimited data packets for all your needs. While some people may want to get in touch through calls or SMS, they may need different recharge packs for their needs. Below are some steps to choose the best recharge plans. 

A guide to choosing the best recharge plan:

  1. If you love to talk all the time; you might want to have a plan that lets you have unlimited talk time. Some plans like Voice voucher in BSNL cost just Rs 48 and let you call only at 20 paise per minute. The Voice voucher of Rs 99 lets you have unlimited calls on any network whether local or STD. The catch is it has a validity of 18 days only. In the Airtel network, you have a plan of Rs 299 which have unlimited talk time. In Jio prepaid, there is unlimited call on the same network but to another network, a minimum amount is charged. 

  2. If you are a voracious data user, you might have a lot of data at your disposal to view videos, play games, scroll through social media or attend to your professional requirements. Jio is one of the leading network providers when it comes to cheaper data. It has daily pack features. Like 1.5GB data daily you can get for 28 days at just Rs 239, 2GB data daily at Rs 299 for 28 days, and 1 GB data at just Rs 209. You can also recharge for one year at Rs 2999 where you will get 2.5 GB of data every day for the rest of the year.  In Airtel, you can get 1GB of data at Rs 181 for 30 days. This could be the cheapest data pack for your need. BSNL on the other hand provides a data pack of Rs 398 for a month without any limit on data restriction. 

  3. If you are a traveler or need to travel frequently on official visits you need a roaming data pack. These packs would help you reduce your roaming bills. At just RS 1,199 Airtel gives you international roaming with 1 GB of data and incoming and outgoing calls of 100 mins.


In this way, you can select the best recharge plan as per your need. Mobile connection with more talk time, or with more data, roaming facility etc. BSNL recharges could be a cheaper option for the majority of people. 


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